Thursday, October 22, 2009


Survey shows that when it comes to overall customer satisfaction most auto insurers are getting high marks from their insureds, however when the economy gets back on track this will all change. Once the economy rebounds inurance company are gonna be playing hard ball again. Customer satisfaction increased drastically in 2009 according to J.D Power and Associates, but because its inevitable of becoming a hard market agents will soon be challenged to keep the satisfaction going. The reason for the satisfaction was due to price, as well company's ability to interact with customers, policy offerings, claims service and billing and payment. One of the key things that keep a satisfied customer is having the ability to have relatable conversations with their agent. Agents who engae thier customer in discussions about rate increases prior to renewals will come out ahead in the future. We here at the PFS Group strive to provide our customers with the best coverage at the best price possible. Visit us at , ,, and search our VP Marlene Banjoko. We look forward to assisting you with all your Insurance Needs!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


" Rate Jumping " is an auto insurance industry term for the deceitful practice of applying for auto insurance by listing a home address at a location where insurance premiums are significantly lower than where the insured actually resides.

It is common in New York City to see cars with out-of-state plates. Three reasons come to mind, this can sometimes be a visiting traveler, long distance commuters, or a person performing rate jumping.
Rate jumping really constitutes misrepresentation of a material fact on an insurance application.
In a recent NY court decision, The Appellate Term, First Department states that in a rate jumping case an insurer
can successfully deny no fault benefits to any claimant without having to show that the policy was first cancelled due to material misrepresentation.
Although the Vehicle and Traffic Law does not permit an insurer to cancel an automobile insurance policy retroactively on the grounds of fraud or misrepresentation, an insurer may however express misrepresentation or fraud as an affirmative defense in an action by an insured to recover benefits.
The practice of New Yorkers fraudulently registering motor vehicles in foreign states seems to be expanding, which in turn is costing our state government, insurance companies and
honest consumers significant sums in lost revenue and increased premium.

So, even though the bogus drivers posing to be an out of state driver may pay less, the remainder of honest drivers will end up paying more for registering and insuring their vehicles. This also allows the rate jumpers to escape the real cost and New York and it’s residents will be shortchanged of much needed money.

Protect your personal freedom, financial well being and peace of mind by being honest when applying for automobile and other forms of insurance.